On average, 2.5 million children experience homelessness in a year.

More than 40 million Americans live in poverty

“... to do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.”—Micah 6:8


It takes all of us together to make a difference. Do you have something to say about living in Poverty USA, or finding a way out? Share your ideas and commitment with your friends and community.

Stories of Hope

Creating Affordable Housing in Florida

Creating Affordable Housing in Florida

In southeast Florida, a large portion of Broward County households spend half of their monthly income on rent or mortgage. Many of these families are only one paycheck away from homelessness.
Removing the Barriers After Being Behind Bars

Removing the Barriers After Being Behind Bars

Two-thirds of all people currently incarcerated in the United States are there for non-violent offenses. Once people serve their sentences and satisfy all the conditions of their release, they still encounter significant obstacles, like finding a job and safe housing.
Promoting Fair Treatment and a Fair Day’s Work

Promoting Fair Treatment and a Fair Day’s Work

For many immigrants in Port Chester, New York, day labor work is the only work they can get. Due to a formidable language barrier between the employers and their prospective employees, communication difficulties often occur.


Web of Poverty

The Web of Poverty

In the United States, tens of millions of people live in a web of poverty. This video offers a unique insight into the complexity of poverty, how it connects to everything that we do and the factors that keep so many people and families entrapped.
Poverty USA

Poverty USA

Learn more about the reality of poverty in the United States and find out how PovertyUSA.org can help you to join the work to address its root causes. 


The key to solving a problem? Understanding it. Listen to real stories about people living in poverty, learn the facts about poverty in the United States, understand the root causes, and—just as important—how people are helping themselves and others out of Poverty USA.

Last year, 1 in 7 American households were food insecure.


There are lots of ways to take action. You can spread the word about poverty in the United States, advocate for change, find and support organizations in your community, give time or resources or contact local representatives.