Stories of Hope

Every day, thousands of people—working with their neighbors and community—are finding ways out of Poverty USA by strengthening families, creating jobs, and improving neighborhoods. Over four decades, CCHD has supported nearly 8,000 community-based projects led by low-income people through our grant program. Here are some of their stories.

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Western Colorado Congress (WCC)

Hundreds of WCC members live close to extractive industries. As a result, WCC launched an effort to require the disclosure of the chemicals used...

Tenants to Homeowners

When energy costs began to rise in Lawrence, Kansas, Tenants to Homeowners recognized that investing in energy efficient homes was crucial for long-term affordability.

Project Hope Spokane

In a community once at risk of being left behind, Project Hope Spokane is building green pathways out of poverty through programs that provide...

Opportunity Threads

Opportunity Threads is paving the way with environmentally friendly production methods in Southern Appalachia’s traditional textile region. The worker-owned co-op focuses on fair labor,...

Moving in Congregations Acting in Hope (MICAH)

Agriculture is prominent in Cortland County New York, and the work of MICAH has protected their community’s public health, farmland, livestock, and water and...

Dakota Rural Action

Water is a precious resource, especially in Western South Dakota, where it is less accessible. Dakota Rural Action is organizing their members to protect...

Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice

The Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice is educating communities most at risk in Connecticut on the connection between poor air quality and poor health.

Tohono O’odham Community Action

TOCA has developed a program that trains apprentice farmers and introduces young people to growing and marketing traditional foods.

Illinois People’s Action

llinois People’s Action is working to pass state and local legislation to cap interest rates on payday loans.

Latino Union of Chicago

Latino Union works for the rights of temporary laborers excluded from unions and protective legislation, including minimum wages & benefits.

Taxi Workers’ Alliance of Pennsylvania

Taxi Workers' Alliances help organize drivers to increase their income and improve conditions.

Omaha Together One Community

Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) is a multi-ethnic, ecumenical organization committed to promoting a safe, healthy environment for children and their families.

OTOC is dedicated...

Metropolitan Congregations United

Working for systemic change to give citizens, especially lower income families, a voice in public policy decisions and resource allocation.

A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy

Individuals from different backgrounds come together to discuss the pressures they face and form an alternative vision for their community.

Community Labor United

Community Labor United formed the Green Justice Coalition to fight to make energy-efficient appliances and jobs available to low-income individuals.

New Mexico Acequia Association

Protecting the spirit of equity in over 1,000 autonomous acequias by pushing for state recognition of historically oral regulations.

Empowering & Strengthening Ohio’s People

A community organization fighting against the abusive system of payday loans, which unfairly target low-income neighborhoods.

Tenants & Workers United

A community organization advocating for workers’ rights, fair rental practices and the development of low-income housing options.

Holy Rosary Credit Union

A progressive credit union offering an array of low-cost financial services to address the needs of its low-income, immigrant membership.

People Engaged in Active Community Efforts (PEACE)

A congregation-based community organization working against wage theft, youth crime and unemployment in the Palm Beach area.

Good Dog! Biscuits & Treats, Lawrence Community Shelter

Providing employment, job training and opportunities to the homeless men and women of the Lawrence Community Shelter.

BOLD Justice

An interfaith organization working to better the community of Broward County, FL, from better housing to youth reading programs.