Stories of Hope

Parent Voices

Oakland, California

The Issue: Childcare is unaffordable for many working parents.

Affordable quality childcare is something all parents hope for, but for thousands of parents in Oakland it isn’t always an option. That’s why mothers of low-income families across northern California banned together in 1996 to form Parent Voices Oakland. These mothers and families advocated at the local, state, and federal levels for family-friendly policies and to have their voices heard.  

Their Impact: Empowering low-income parents to be community leaders who advocate for their own needs.

Today their concerns are being met. In fact, after gaining lawmakers’ support, Parent Voices Oakland helped prevent a policy change that would have permanently eliminated childcare programs for 35,000 children. The grassroots organization continues to fight for affordable quality childcare and offer training, mentorship, and other opportunities so parents can work to improve their financial standings while their children receive the care they need.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development has supported Parent Voices Oakland to engage in parent-led, parent-run community organizing and policy advocacy to expand affordable childcare for low to severely low-income families.