Stories of Hope

United Workers Association

Baltimore, Maryland

The Issue: Human rights and fair development is lacking in low-income communities.

Often poor and vulnerable communities are overlooked and even taken advantage of—and, unfortunately, for parts of Baltimore City this holds true. But if the United Workers has anything to say about it, this won’t be the case for much longer. United Workers is a leadership development organization composed of low-wage workers who focus on poverty awareness, human rights, economics, and power dynamics. So, when the city wanted to install the nation’s largest trash burning incinerator in the low-income community of Curtis Bay, United Workers got to work and started a campaign to stop the incinerator, decrease air pollution, and protect public health.

Their Impact: Protecting the environment and public health in Baltimore City.

United Workers also fights for healthy and sustainable community policies around energy and waste. The organization hopes to bring in Zero Waste companies, which re-use waste materials to create more green jobs in Baltimore. Another environmental initiative that United Workers hopes to realize is a solar panel farm where communities can own the land and solar panels collectively. With the determination and hard work of the United Workers, residents of Baltimore City will be living in a more environmental friendly and healthier community for years to come.

Todd Cherkis, the lead organizer for United Workers, states, “We really appreciate CCHD’s long-term vision and patience that allows us to focus on leadership development.”