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The following news articles include diverse perspectives on poverty. CCHD or the USCCB does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in these news articles.

Posts on Poverty from the USCCB Blog

August 29th

These bilingual blog posts raise important issues surrounding poverty in the United States.

Pope Francis and Economic Inequality: Five Essential Quotes, by Bishop Robert McElroy.  Also available in Spanish.
What Can I Do? Three Steps to Reduce Income Disparities, by Fr. James Martin.  Also available in Spanish.
Income Inequality, Labor Unions and a Call to Vigilance, by Fr. Clete Kiley. Also available in Spanish.
If McDonald’s Can’t See How To Live on Minimum Wage, Who Can?, by Molly Fleming-Pierre. Also available in Spanish.

Study Shows Official Measures of American Poverty Off-base

August 7th

For more than 45 years, the poor in this country have been identified by the U.S. Census Bureau’s Official Poverty Measure — a tool that determines America’s poverty rate based on pretax money income, which does not reflect all the resources at a family’s disposal.

Wages Versus Prices

August 6th

The economy supposedly gained 163,000 jobs in July 2012. For those Americans lucky enough to have work, it may not be enough. Real earnings for the month only gained two pennies, settling at $23.52 an hour. Prices, however, gained all across the board.