A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy

A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy

A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy (AMOS) is an ecumenical community organization focused on identifying and rectifying social justice issues.

Through regular “house meetings,” individuals from different backgrounds come together to discuss the pressures they face and form an alternative vision for their community.

Recently, these house meetings led to the development of a fully equipped, professionally staffed mobile obstetric clinic that visits the city of Ames twice a month. The mobile clinic offers prenatal care to expectant mothers who otherwise would have to travel more than 45 miles to the nearest affordable clinic or forgo such care.

AMOS has received local and national grants from CCHD, and Bishop Richard E. Pates of Des Moines has recognized the organization as one that gives a “voice to the voiceless and underrepresented.” AMOS lead organizer Paul Turner credits CCHD support as “absolutely critical” to the work, helping to keep the lights on, meeting payroll, and underwriting basic operating costs.

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